Colorado Marijuana DUI Laws: The Legal Limit

Colorado marijuana DUI laws have established legal limits for driving while under the influence of marijuana in the state.

Colorado marijuana DUI laws have established legal limits for driving while under the influence of marijuana in the state.

With recreational pot being legalized in Colorado, lawmakers have been scrambling for months to pass laws that would establish legal limits for driving under the influence of marijuana (specifically, THC – the psychoactive agent in marijuana). Recently, Colorado marijuana DUI laws were passed, and these new statutes stipulate that:

  • Drivers with more than 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood could be ticketed and arrested for a drug-related DUI.
  • Unlike alcohol drunk driving offenses, marijuana DUIs would not be “per se.” This means that a marijuana DUI ticket and charges would not automatically result in a conviction if the individual tests above the legal limit. Instead, the charges would create a reasonable inference for a judge that a person could have been too impaired to drive.
  • Police still need probable cause to pull over a driver who they suspect to be too intoxicated to drive due to marijuana use.
  • Police are not allowed to consider a person’s medical marijuana card status as probable cause for requesting a field sobriety test or a blood test.

DUI Defense

While law enforcement officials hope to minimize any impaired driving with these new Colorado marijuana DUI laws, it’s important that those who have been accused of a marijuana DUI understand that:

  • Proving marijuana impairment is far more difficult than proving alcohol impairment, as different people have different tolerance levels.
  • Police are not typically trained as drug recognition experts, which means that they will not be as proficient at establishing alleged signs of marijuana intoxication as they would be at establishing signs of possible alcohol impairment.

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