Smile! You’ve Been Arrested: 14 Funny Mugshot Photos [Infographic]

mugshot thumbSo, why not? You’re already arrested, right? You’re already in about as much trouble as you can get in. Your day’s pretty much ruined, your plans are cancelled, you’re going to end up quite a few pounds lighter in the wallet, your wife’s ticked, the neighbors are talking, and your kids don’t want to go to school… life is pretty much an all-around major inconvenience at this point. You may as well have fun with the mug shot — and you should! Think about it. If your picture’s going in the paper under these circumstances, you have three choices; you can sit there looking miserable, you can show your fear, or you can make a funny face. Well, four, really — you could get caught by the camera throwing a tantrum, which will most definitely NOT help you save face and is not recommended. Funny face, on the other hand, lets you regain control of the moment.

You’ll see examples of each of these approaches in this graphic here, and you’ll agree with the assessment that the funny face is the way to go. Sometimes it’s easier than others. For example, if you’ve just been busted in a crank lab and haven’t slept in three weeks, the funny face will come much easier than if you happen to have been busted doing 35 over the limit on the way to a business meeting. Then again, sometimes funny face requires no effort at all. For instance, you could have been dragged out of bed on an outstanding bench warrant, and your hair’s a mess, your eyes are bloodshot, and your false teeth are still on the back of the bathroom sink. But if you must make the effort, it’s worth it. Stick your tongue out if you have to, or just have a look at this graphic for some genius inspiration.

funny mugshot photos

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